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How’s My Driving? was the first road safety risk scheme of its kind introduced into the UK and since 1995 we have successfully raised the profile of road safety, whilst helping drivers to become more aware of their driving style. A proportion of our profits are reinvested back into national road safety projects.

Who is the scheme for?

How’s My Driving? is for everyone, whether you have one vehicle, run a small fleet of vans or a large multi-national LGV fleet travelling all over the UK and Europe. Take a look at what some of our current members have to say, and see how we can help you manage your occupational road risk and reduce your bent metal costs.

Regardless the size of your fleet, you have a responsibility to ensure that all your drivers are safe and How’s My Driving? will help you to meet that obligation.

Why the scheme works

The idea behind How’s My Driving? is effective. The presence of a highly visible yellow and black sticker on the back of each vehicle helps remind the driver to concentrate on their driving style and our user friendly report back system allows managers to identify any potential problem areas with individual drivers.

Understanding the implications of your driving style and a heightened awareness of your actions can and does, lead to a change in behaviour. Far from being judgemental or vindictive, the scheme is respected by drivers and manager alike; drivers appreciate the impartiality and managers see the scheme as a credible risk management tool.

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