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The Spotlight on Our Road Safety Projects

How’s My Driving? is a company that is trying to reduce accidents on the roads through its sticker safety service. A proportion of our profits are reinvested back into national road safety projects, allowing them to fund a variety of wonderful worldwide initiatives that really make a difference to the aim of a safer road space for all.

BATTLING SUICIDE BUS TOUR For the past 24 months, How’s My Driving? have been supporting the Driving Better Mental Health Campaign in Logistics; a nationwide tour of the Battling Suicide Bus encouraging people to play a short game of 5asideCHESS as a way of reaching out to combat loneliness and isolation. The game can be played at whilst wearing a face covering and at a safe distance. Recognising the link between the increasing isolation of professional driving and mental health is the first step in prevention.

THE VIRTUAL REALITY PROJECT We purchased 6 virtual reality headsets to support the delivery of road safety messages to young drivers, in a more realistic way than ever before. These headsets have been used in 15 schools across the country, educating thousands of young people on the importance of road safety, seen through 'real life' situations.

SAFE DRIVE STAY ALIVE PROJECT The safe drive stay alive roadshow present powerful first-hand testimonies of the devastation and tragedy caused by road traffic accidents. The stage production, delivered by the emergency services and road accident victims, has been watched by over 4,000 young people in 2017.

THE WALKING SCHOOL BUS PROJECT In 2017 we funded a fully staffed walking school bus, teaching young children essential road safety knowledge to equip them with the skills to walk to school independently, in complete safety. This community project also raised awareness of road safety and eased congestion and traffic in the local area.

Over 70 Southwark schools took part in the programme, which ensured the safe journey of a number of young pupils both to and from school. How’s My Driving? provided the funding for high visibility vests and caps for the ‘driver’, ‘conductor’ and children on the scheme.

Transaid Cycle Sponsorship
Transaid Cycle Sponsorship How’s My Driving? partnered with the international charity, Transaid, in order to sponsor Claire who went on to cycle an amazing 500km through Madagascar to raise money to help fund road safety projects in Africa.

InTandem Cycle Safety Sticker
InTandem Cycle Safety Sticker The competition by the Freight Transport Association inviting road users to design a new sticker, in a bid to cut LGV and cycle collisions. The winning design of the cyclist warning sticker is available for purchase here.

After the Accident
After the Accident HMD sponsored tickets for under 25 year olds to see this powerful play.
It is a fact the biggest killer of young females in the western world is male drivers under the age of 25.

Nathan's Challenge
Nathans Challenge Young drivers were invited, for one year, to wear ‘The Ultimate Drivers Badge’ for free and challenge themselves to be better drivers.

Youth Film Project
Youth Film Project 2016 has seen How's My Driving? team up youngsters from three schools in South Wales who have got their thinking caps on to come up with ideas on how to highlight both good and bad driving habits, in order to promote safe driving. See the videos they’ve created here!

The How’s My Driving? Steering Committee

As a company we reinvest a proportion of our profit from our road safety service back into National road safety projects. We recently celebrated our 21st Birthday and to commemorate this special occasion, a Road Safety Steering Committee has been created to allocate funding to the public to turn their innovative ideas into viable safety projects.

The committee consists of logistic industry experts, including fleet managers, health and safety experts and drivers, who are volunteering for a twelve-month tenure of service. The purpose of the group is to drive forward road safety culture by supporting ideas from members of the public who wish to improve their community.

See the road safety projects How’s My Driving? has helped in previous years.

Subash Ludhra“It's important that the group focuses its efforts on using the grants for educational purposes, enabling the money to have a positive impact on local communities as well as the wider road safety sector.” Subash Ludhra, former president of IOSH and current chairman of the steering committee.

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The steering committee are encouraging road safety teams, schools, individuals and not-for-profit groups to put forward their ideas and apply for funding.



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