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About Us

How’s My Driving? was the first road safety service of its kind introduced into the UK and since 1995 we have successfully raised the profile of road safety. It provides an opportunity for other road users to have a positive impact on driving behaviour, enabling potentially hazardous situations to be diffused, whilst helping drivers to become more aware of their driving style. The How’s My Driving badge is the sign of independence, a brand that the public trust to contact and leave their feedback with.

How it works
A high visibility yellow and black badge – specially designed to stand out against livery or plain vehicles, whilst simultaneously mirroring the vehicle registration plate.

The unique “tag” (rollover image of tag number) reference numbers are the vehicles fingerprint, easier than an alpha numeric registration number to remember. Placed at sensible height and large enough to view from a safe distance.

Members of the public (including off duty police officers!) contact us either via the free phone number displayed on the badge – or through our website at report feedback to provide commentary; the feedback we receive is incredibly valuable whether it’s positive of constructive.

The feedback is a platform for callers to report their perception of an incident which is forwarded to the identified company, in a report. This allows the client member to gain invaluable insight as to how their vehicles are perceived on the roads.

Who is the scheme for?
How’s My Driving? is for everyone, whether you have one vehicle, run a small fleet of vans or a multi-national armada travelling across the UK and into Europe. The management information provided is a fantastic tool to help manage occupational road risk and forms part of any company’s road risk policy (MORR), supporting the reduction of bent metal costs, insurance premiums, as well as forming part of a corporate social enterprise policy. By displaying our badge, the public have a visual assurance that that the company cares about the safety of its drivers as well as how its brand is viewed on the roads.

Why the scheme works
The idea behind How’s My Driving? is incredibly simple and yet effective. The presence of the highly visible yellow and black sticker on the back of each vehicle helps to remind the driver to concentrate on their driving style, whilst simultaneously, providing an alternative form of redress for other road users, diffusing situations that may lead to “road rage” incidents. The user-friendly reporting system allows managers to identify and target any training requirements for individual drivers, continuously raising the standard of driving on the UK roads which in turn will reduce the likelihood of collisions.

Understanding how the implications of your driving style and a heightened awareness of your actions can and does lead to a change in behaviour. Far from being judgemental, vindictive or being “big brother” the service is a credible risk management tool and drivers appreciate the impartiality of their “think twice device”.

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