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10 Jul 2022 By Megan
Did you hear? The UK Government has launched Road Safety Investigation BranchThis month the UK Government has launched the country’s first ever investigat...
14 Jun 2022 By Megan
Schools out for summer: How to stay safe when driving  Latest official figures show that 10,125 children were killed or injured on roads in the UK in ...
10 May 2022 By Megan
A Year On: The UK’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan Did you know that transport is the UK’s largest source of emissions, responsible for 27% of ...
01 Mar 2022 By Megan
The Highway Code is changing in an attempt to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Figures released by the Department for Transport show 4,290 pedestr...
18 Jan 2022 By Megan
The last few years have been difficult for all, but especially those in the logistics industry, we've faced a severe driver shortage, low morale, border difficu...
01 Dec 2021 By Megan
The Highway Code proposed changes form part of the Department for Transport’s £338 million investment strategy to encourage cycling and walking acros...
01 Oct 2021 By Megan
This Tyre Safety Month, the message is a simple one...’what’s stopping you?’  A question which TyreSafe has used to not only remind dri...
09 Aug 2021 By Megan
Fleet insurance isn’t often described as comprehensive, legal and affordable. If you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles, you will need to ensure all ...
21 Jun 2021 By Megan
Fleet management has completely transformed over the last decade and even more so since the pandemic began. Now, more than ever, businesses can see the impact a...
23 Apr 2021 By Megan
We are starting 2021 as we mean to go on, forming new partnerships and supporting the wider community improve their road safety awareness. We are proud to annou...
30 Jan 2021 By Megan
During an ordinary year it’s estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in the UK, and this number is expected to dramatically ...
14 Nov 2019 By Megan
Sounds obvious, but busy professional van or courier drivers who are working to tight schedules and driving multiple vehicles could easily skip the vital steps...
12 Nov 2019 By Megan
M.D. Driscoll & Co. Ltd are based in West Sussex.  Managing director, Mark Driscoll and his team provide a complete range of commercial landscaping an...
07 Nov 2019 By Megan
If you have just started your new career as an HGV driver, what advice should you take on board from experienced drivers?  Need help? Just ask! If you nee...
28 Oct 2019 By Megan
There was some interesting news online via the Bdaily website this week. It stated that research conducted by Specsavers showed that many employers do not offe...
24 Oct 2019 By Megan
Ambulance Services 24 offers its wide-ranging clients comprehensive medical cover. They serve organisations which include schools, film companies, such as Netf...
07 Oct 2019 By Megan
We continue our busy events season this week by attending Fleet Live.   This exhibition is being held on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October at the NEC in B...
13 Sep 2019 By Megan
Successful times at the Recycling and Waste Management Show. Wow, what a great show!  The team at RWM really excelled themselves.  The event was a hu...
09 Sep 2019 By Megan
The team at How’s My Driving? are looking forward to the upcoming RWM exhibition which is being held at the NEC Birmingham, on September 11 and 12. ...
02 Sep 2019 By Megan
Win a year’s free subscription at the RWM Exhibition with How’s My Driving?   How’s My Driving are offering one lucky winner the chance ...
26 Aug 2019 By Megan
This year sees the 5th ‘Love your Lorry’ campaign run by the Road Haulage Association. The campaign calls on RHA members nationwide to promote...
19 Aug 2019 By Megan
We are thrilled to be partnered with the RWM Exhibition, which returns to the NEC Birmingham on September 11th and 12th. RWM is an invaluable opportunity for e...
28 Jul 2019 By Megan
As a social enterprise company, How’s My Driving? reinvests any profit from our road safety sticker service directly back into projects which further pro...
21 Jul 2019 By Megan
The Talent in Logistics Conference and Awards recently celebrated the ‘best in the business’ of the logistics world at a glittering event. Ruth Edw...
03 Dec 2018 By Megan
Road haulage operators, estimated to have directly contributed approximately £13.1 billion to the UK economy in 2016, face several challenges, in particu...
10 Oct 2018 By Megan
Are you one of a third of all drivers who keep their phones in their pockets whilst they drive? The increasing social pressure of staying in the loop means that...
24 Sep 2018 By Megan
We’ve listened to what matters to you and are pleased to announce that How's My Driving? has formed a partnership with Jelf, a leading insurance ...
15 Aug 2018 By Megan
Do you have a great road safety idea but lack the funds to turn it into a reality? We want to hear fromYOU! As a socially aware company we reinvest a proportion...
14 Nov 2016 By Megan
In April 2015, new national speed limits came into force for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes on single carriageway and dual carriageway roads in England and Wales.  ...
25 Oct 2016 By Megan
Earlier this year London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, announced that tens of thousands of lorries with poor visibility will be banned from London’s roads w...
19 Oct 2016 By Megan
The subject of cycle helmets has been one attracting much discussion over the last decade, this year a new study has found that wearing a helmet reduces a cycl...
11 Oct 2016 By Megan
This October a survey by Brake has revealed that a third of drivers questioned, admitted to eating food behind the wheel making them twice as likely to crash. ...
20 Sep 2016 By Megan
The How’s My Driving? stickers are simple and effective and are designed to be mounted on the rear of the vehicle to support your already safety consciou...
01 Sep 2016 By Megan
Driving can be stressful at the best of times, but being a LGV driver is one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs, from long and unsociable hours, unsafe r...
19 Aug 2016 By Megan
The insurance firm ingenie is calling schools to teach the Highway Code after results of online quiz testing participant’s basic knowledge of road rules ...
11 Aug 2016 By Megan
Research by Loughborough University has shown that HGVs with high seated cabs have the most blind spots and pose the greatest risk to cyclists and other road u...
03 Aug 2016 By Megan
We all know that buying a car can be a difficult task even for the most knowledgeable, so it’s not surprising that in new research conducted by Co-op Ins...
28 Jul 2016 By Megan
This month the government have opened public consultation centers focusing on discussing what changes need to be made to the highway code and insurance legisla...
20 Jul 2016 By Megan
With approximately 1.6 million driving tests taken in the United Kingdom every year, new driving test legislation will undoubtedly have a ripple effect across ...
27 Jun 2016 By Megan
THINK! Has published the Biennial Survey, which explores public opinion towards driving, road safety and other road users. Here are just some of the findings f...
17 Jun 2016 By Megan
Transport minister, Robert Goodwill, is said the Government are ‘reviewing’ a policy that will legally enforce a distance of at least one meter bet...
08 Jun 2016 By Megan
As a Social Enterprise company we reinvest any profit from our sticker scheme back into National road safety projects. This we are celebrating our 21st Birthda...
23 May 2016 By Megan
Unless you’ve been travelling around our capital with your eyes closed (which we wouldn’t recommend!), then you will have probably already noticed ...
16 May 2016 By Megan
According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), figures released today reveal the largest ever number of vans recorded on British roads. It...
09 May 2016 By Megan
Following a recent article in the Ambulance Life magazine, we are extremely proud to present our very first emergency service to join the road safety scheme an...
25 Apr 2016 By Megan
If you follow us on social media then you’ll already be aware of the #FTAskills16 event that we attended last month, but for those of you who missed out ...
20 Apr 2016 By Megan
Yes, you read that right. Platoons of driverless lorries are to be tested on British motorways as part of a government initiative to drive forward road safety....
02 Mar 2016 By Megan
How’s My Driving? have teamed up the youngsters from three schools in South Wales who have got their thinking caps on to come up with ideas on how to highlight ...
10 Feb 2016 By Megan
It’s no secret that the last 12 months have seen a steady rise in motor insurance and whilst this has primarily been in the private vehicle market, these charge...
08 Jan 2016 By Megan
Driving can be a real challenge for your staff during the winter, especially if they’re carrying heavy loads and are driving for long distances. Here at How’s M...
22 Dec 2015 By Megan
With the Christmas festivities of turkey, mince pies and mulled wine almost upon us, we felt it only appropriate to review one of the most talked about reports....
23 Nov 2015 By Megan
#MONDAYMOTIVATIONMonday welcomes the start of a new working week, and we want to highlight just some of the fantastic opportunities a job in the UK’s haulage in...
16 Nov 2015 By Megan
Next week is the start of Road Safety Week 2015, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than recognising what a fantastic job our haulage drivers...
09 Nov 2015 By Megan
The hard hitting facts: In 2013, 109 cyclists were killed on Britain’s roads, whilst a total of 19,438 were injured in some form. These figures only include cla...
15 Oct 2015 By Megan
1. Get enough ZZZsIf you have been awake for 18 hours or more then you are certainly in no state to drive. Being awake for that period of time is in fact equal ...
12 Sep 2015 By Megan
The Department of Transport have recently proposed changes to the driving test in order to increase the pass rate, which will include a part-privatisation of th...
28 Aug 2015 By Megan
Last week saw the first conviction of lane hogging in the UK (Hooray!), unfortunately this story is one that will be very familiar to most drivers. Although ma...
28 Jul 2015 By Megan
As we have already mentioned, for probably about the 100th time this year…it’s our birthday! We have been around for 20 years, and we thought that it was a good...
15 Jul 2015 By Megan
Street Velodrome is a brand new and unique cycling event, bringing all of the excitement and exhilaration of the track to your local town! Within hours, any hig...
11 Jun 2015 By Megan
20 years ago How’s My Driving? was born, and we have accomplished some fantastic things in these two decades for road safety. With over 10,000 vans, trucks, lor...
22 Apr 2015 By Megan
Have you ever wondered where drivers are really looking when they are driving? Well Direct Line Car Insurance have recently commissioned an eye tracking experim...
21 Mar 2015 By Megan
Did you know that 1 in every 10 vehicles on British motorways is a heavy goods vehicle (HGV)? And yet they are involved in over half of all fatal accidents! Bra...
01 Jul 2014 By Megan
We have teamed up with innovative fleet insurance broker, Just Fleet, in our quest to help fleet managers reduce road risk and the associated costs. The agreeme...
14 Apr 2014 By Megan
When Ross Smith created How’s My Driving? 20 years ago, it was with greater communication creating safer roads as its founding principle. Today thousands of ve...
13 Apr 2014 By Megan
Work related road safety has always been an important issue for organisations primarily involved in haulage and logistics management. Accident prevention howev...
12 Jun 2012 By Megan
First of all, we would like to thank everyone for entering the InTandem cycle sticker competition! It was humbling to see that so many of you road users want t...
12 Mar 2012 By Megan
Statistics from the Department for Transport highlight the danger of riding a bike on the nation’s roads: the number of cyclists seriously injured on Bri...

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The Winner of the Cycle Sticker Competition

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