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Frequently Asked Questions about the Road Safety Sticker Service

Please see below our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer just contact us.
How much does it cost to join How’s My Driving?

LESS than 8p per day - per vehicle!
No hidden set up fees – you pay per vehicle, per year. Annually we will contact you to confirm your details before raising an invoice for your membership investment.

Please contact us us for an instant fleet quote.

How will joining the scheme save me money?

Joining the How’s My Driving? road safety scheme will enable you to provide independent evidence of your proactive approach to managing your occupational road risk and road safety, which can lead to very competitive fleet insurance premiums.

Not only will you save money on your insurance premiums, you will also experience:

  • reduced fuel bills
  • reduced bent metal costs
  • lower management expenses of dealing with accidents and traffic offenses

See here for more information on how to save money on your fleet insurance.

What do I receive once I have joined How’s My Driving?

Once you have completed an application form and requested your stickers, allow 5 working days for them to arrive.

You will then be allocated an account manager from our team who will provide you with a logon to your own real-time reports, which are fully customisable to your needs and can be downloaded at anytime.

What information will my incident reports contain?

You will receive all incident reports in real-time, no later than 6 working hours after the incident has been reported. If fully populated, each individual report will contain:

  • Vehicle ID sticker number
  • Vehicle registration
  • Incident date, time and location
  • Weather conditions
  • Feedback type
  • Details of the reported feedback
  • Additional comments and company notes
What size stickers do you have?

We offer a range of sticker sizes (no price difference), so depending on your vehicle size you can find a sticker to suit your vehicle:

  • 6 inch square
  • 8 inch square
  • 9 inch square
  • 12 inch square
  • 15 inch square
Where should I mount the sticker?

We recommend displaying the scheme sticker on the rear of the vehicle, usually on the driver’s side, ensuring the sticker is unobstructed and in a visible location to be seen by all road users.

Do you use call centres?

Yes, we have a 24/7 call centre, with real people who will answer your calls and record the incident every day of the year.

How can I get my drivers on board with the scheme?

Many drivers will be apprehensive about the How’s My Driving? sticker scheme, however, if you highlight the direct benefits they will receive by using the scheme, such as:

  • Receiving recognition for safe driving
  • Members of the public highlighting faulty equipment and lights
  • Opportunity for bespoke CPD training
  • Displaying the badge is evidence of a company’s confidence in the skill of their drivers
We already have telematics/on board cameras, why do we need the sticker?

While telematics can aid you in route planning, live GPS and fuel reduction, it cannot tell you if your company drivers are:

  • Throwing litter out of the vehicle
  • Smoking in the vehicle
  • Being discourteous to other road users
  • In need of further specific driving CPD
  • Parking in inappropriate places

In cab cameras are great for obtaining confirmation and evidence once an incident has happened and will be really useful in your investigation into any incidents that are reported. The How’s My Driving? sticker scheme shouldn’t be used a tool to reprimand, but as an opportunity to address any issues, as well as praising positive and safe driving.

You say you re-invest, where does the money go?

A proportion of our profits are reinvested back into national road safety projects, allowing us and you to fund a variety of wonderful initiatives to make the roads a safer space for all.

Take a look to see our latest road safety projects.

Have you heard of our cycle safety badge?

The cyclist warning stickers are there to remind the driver to stay alert and be aware of other road users, as well as to aid cyclists in understanding the danger zones which surround large vehicles. Our road safety initiative is also supported by The Freight Transport Association (FTA) and local cycling clubs.

All the money gained from the cycle safety stickers are used to support a wide range of charities and road safety projects.