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Endorsements from members

With over 20,000 vehicles displaying the How’s My Driving? sticker, here are just some of our current members and what they have to say about the road safety management scheme:

The Post Office

"For me, taking Cranfield University's teachings on board, we are trying to change any drivers' poor behaviour. Having HMD positively promotes improved behaviours and therefore driving style."

Tom Fallon
Transport Manager Post Office

Vinci Construction Ltd “We’ve always found How’s My Driving to be an asset to our management of occupational road risk, but last week we had our FORS audit and HMD certainly helped, especially around the use of the membership and reporting area of their website.”

Dave Cox
Senior Fleet Administrator
Vinci Construction Ltd (Jan 2017)

Hills Group UK “The Hills Group is proud to be part of the ‘How’s My Driving?’ scheme which helps reassure other road users that driving standards are a priority for our company. The website is easy to navigate, the printable reports assist with data collation and providing feedback to callers is quick and straightforward. The ‘at a glance’ statistics help us to easily identify areas for improvement. The team at ‘How’s My Driving?’ are friendly and helpful.”

Emma McArdle
Fleet and Insurance Coordinator
Hills Group UK

British Red Cross

“We have used the How’s My Driving scheme on a fleet of over 25 vans for 2 years now and the impact on our service has been impressive. We have seen a marked (over 80%) reduction in complaints about driving standards and now actually get compliments being called in as well! Our drivers were initially nervous about the scheme, seeing it as an open call for complaints – they all now embrace it totally and see the benefits. As part of a program of driver awareness and improvements the HMD scheme has also helped cut the number of incidents and near misses, as well as helping us improve driving efficiency through better understanding by drivers of the need to drive in a courteous and respectful manner.”
Martin Figg
Head of Operations
British Red Cross - Community Equipment Service Division

All Wales Ambulance Services “Due to the difficulty in providing continual supervision for drivers, we agreed that there should be a system that allows feedback to be provided to management staff from other road users…so we decided to join How’s My Driving?
Since the introduction of the scheme in January we have already seen a significant improvement in the driving culture.”

Dean Llewellyn
All Wales Ambulance Services Ltd

Ambulance Services 24 “My business is obviously focused on personal service and high-quality medical care. I believe the How’s My Driving service blends perfectly with our ethos as it allows us all to understand the implications of our driving styles and heightens our awareness.
As a business owner, it allows me to offer my drivers any extra support and training they need in a timely way which addresses a direct concern.”

Leo Burdock
Ambulance Services 24

Ethos Facilities Limited “Ethos Facilities Management Limited is proud to be part of the How's My Driving service, we have used it on a fleet of over 67 vans for the past 2 years now. Being able to know how our drivers conduct themselves on the roads is invaluable to as as we can address any incidents reported to the How's my driving website with our driver, ensuring that not only do our own drivers put safety first, but also ensure the safety of other road users. service blends perfectly with our ethos as it allows us all to understand the implications of our driving styles and heightens our awareness.
The printable reports from the website are great as we can let the driver see the wording directly from any reports and this can assist in their understanding of any incident. We have also had a few compliments regarding our drivers conduct, which is also a great thing, when these get passed to our drivers, we can see the sense of pride it brings to them.”

Heather Arthur
Fleet Manager
Ethos Facilities Limited

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