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Cycle Safety Sticker

On average, HGV’s are involved in a quarter of cyclist deaths despite comprising only 5% of traffic in the UK.

*2009-2013 GOV UK Statistics

Following dialogue with fleet and cyclist groups, the sticker was created to help reduce the number of cyclist incidents on the roads in the UK and across Europe.

  • Serving as a reminder to cyclists of danger zones surrounding large vehicles.
  • Reminding the driver to be aware of any cyclists who may potentially be hidden in their blind spots.

Freight Transport Association (FTA) Logo How’s My Driving? is a road safety scheme helping to make the roads a safer place for all users. The money received from the cycle safety stickers are used to support a wide range of charity’s and projects. Our road safety initiative is also supported by The Freight Transport Association (FTA) and local cycling clubs.

Personalise Your Cycle Safety Sticker

Cycle Badge Scheme Our cycle safety sticker is being displayed on 1000's of commercial vehicles across the UK, helping to raise awareness of the need to share the roads in a safe and courteous manner. Following discussion with local cycling clubs, schools and road safety groups, we are now offering you the opportunity to adapt the wording on the sticker to suit you and your organisation at NO extra cost.

Order today and start playing your part in reducing the risk of cyclist incidents in the UK and across Europe.

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The informative approach to keeping cyclists safe.

Cycle Badge Scheme

'Blind spot', 'Stay safe', 'Take care' and 'Blind Spot take Care' stickers are approved by FORS