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Why join the accreditation service?

When you become a member of How’s My Driving? not only will you be supporting the cause to reduce accidents on our roads, but your company will gain many other tangible benefits as well:

Protecting your drivers:

You are, of course, already responsible for the safety of your drivers under the Corporate Manslaughter & Corporate Homicide Act (2007) and, as a member of How’s My Driving? you are demonstrating your commitment to managing occupational road risk when driving by:

  • Encouraging fewer road accidents
  • Creating better driving records for your drivers
  • Supporting your Health and Safety policy

Save money:

Save money on your fleet insurance and manage your occupational road risk today. By joining the How’s My Driving? safety scheme you will be able to provide independent evidence of your proactive approach to road safety, which can lead to very competitive fleet insurance.

Protect your brand:

Supporting the service by displaying the distinctive black and yellow sticker is a bold statement that you take your risk management responsibilities seriously. Take a look at what our current members have to say about their enhanced public image, greater risk management and improved connection to the general public.

Cycle Badge Scheme Cycle Safety Stickers
If you are an existing member of the How’s My Driving? service, then you can purchase our cycle safety stickers at a reduced rate. Start today and play your part in lessening the risk of cyclist incidents worldwide.

If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss setting your company up with the scheme, you can phone us on 01480 478 212 or email us at