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With a figure for UK all severity casualties standing at over 160,000 in 2018, road safety should be of great concern to all and there are many measures being implemented across the country to work at reducing that figure.
Wirral Council wants the businesses in its area to lead the way with driver safety, so has secured funding from the Road Safety Trust to tackle work related road safety (WRRS) and have approached How’s My Driving? to help them reduce incidents on the road by offering 12 months free membership to any SME company* based on the Wirral.
We are delighted to be offering free support to businesses that actively manage road safety and who are proactively looking at ways to reduce the risk of collision, support their drivers, whilst driving down fleet insurance and running costs.
There are many benefits to being a member of How’s My Driving? not least the reduction of incidents on the road:
  • - Driver safety
  • - Enhanced driver engagement
  • - Evidence of due diligence for WRRS
  • - Reduced costs e.g., insurance premium, wear and tear, fuel
  • - Opportunities to recognise behaviour patterns and apply targeted CPD training
  • - Brand protection
The How’s My Driving? service is a holistic approach to managing your occupational road risk whilst supporting your drivers to do their job safely. Be proud of your drivers and do something really good today, wear the badge.
The funding is available up to September 2021, so why not complete the form below to see if you're eligible for FREE MEMBERSHIP today?
*exclusions apply Funding includes the first year of membership only, after which HMD have committed to offering a specially reduced price for Wirral businesses for those that are already on the service. Funding by the Road Safety Trust in partnership with Wirral Council ends after the first year of membership.
To find out more about road safety support for your business contact

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Do you have a Management of Occupation Road Risk Policy (MORR)? [Help]
The HSE provide helpful guidance here

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  • Supply one How’s My Driving? badge per vehicle, cost of £30.00 each for 12 months rolling membership + VAT (invoice 30 days net).
  • To provide 24 hours a day, 365 days per year call centre cover
  • To provide freephone 0800 telephone number facility
  • To provide exclusive member access to How’s My Driving? website
  • To provide comment reports via email
  • To provide best practise advice
  • Summary reports available on the members area of the website – real time feedback analysis
  • To provide a membership certificate for Insurance Broker one month prior to renewal date.
  • Optional services of a Membership Organizer to provide a tool box talk to introduce the scheme to drivers(additional cost)
  • To provide an accident measure framework (accidents per 100,000 miles) so that you can actively manage accidents


  • Complete and submit application Form
  • Ensure the badges remain tamper free, the telephone number and unique "tag" number legible.
  • Attach the badges on to the rear of the vehicles, in a prominent position
  • Advise How’s My Ltd of the registration or trailer numbers of the vehicles to which the badges have been fitted
  • Ensure to undertake an appropriate consultation with drivers, prior to putting the badges on the back of the vehicles via a letter, meeting with the drivers or toolbox talk.
  • Pay the annual membership investment within 30 days of receiving the invoice
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, we require at least 1 months’ notice in writing (by letter or email)
  • In the event of your membership being cancelled please ensure that all badges are removed within 30 days. Failure to do so will result in the contract continuing and a charge being levied.


Acceptance of your application to join How’s My Driving? is dependent on completion of the following which: outlines the method by which you intend to introduce the How’s My Driving? scheme to your drivers; how you intend to use the information provided by How’s My Ltd; your agreement to use this initiative as a proactive effort to reduce road risk and raise awareness among drivers and, that it will not be used as an attempt to apportion blame to individual drivers. The How’s My Driving? Website will produce real time reports that summarize the number and type of calls made. Those results can be used at, management meetings, posted for drivers review and MORR/Driver consultations.

GDPR AGREEMENT Click to view

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation you are a joint controller of Data held on your account, including data pertaining to individuals who have logged a comment relating to your fleet. You agree you will be responsible for ensuring that any Data which you hold is held within the terms of the law of England and Scotland. Data held should be accurate, deleting Data when you no longer require it, and responding in a timely fashion to any request from a data subjects seeking to exercise rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, including requests which we receive and pass to you because we are not able to assess them. You agree to act within the spirit of the law and will notify How’s My Driving of any breaches affecting data we jointly control.


Upon receipt of an incident report we will meet with the driver of the vehicle. Recognizing that the information supplied by How’s My Ltd represents the caller’s impression of events, we will invite our driver to make comments and provide their version of events which will be appended to the report. A course of action (if any) will be discussed and agreed. If we are provided with the contact details of the incident reporter, to feedback any action. We will ensure these details remain private and are only used for this purpose. The information will be kept securely. In accordance with GDPR requirements, We understand that How’s My reserve the right to remove any member that abuses the scheme, without notice.

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