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It’s Our Birthday!

20 years ago How’s My Driving? was born, and we have accomplished some fantastic things in these two decades for road safety. With over 10,000 vans, trucks, lorries now wearing our distinctive black and yellow badge, we have to say we are feeling rather proud. Let’s look back and celebrate some of the most poignant times in road safety history.

1888 - The first manufactured motor car was a petrol-driven Benz and was sold to a Mr Emile Roger, who lived in Paris.

1903 – Driving licences were first introduced in Britain by the Motor Car Act, so that vehicles and their drivers could be identified. This registration would cost you 20 shillings (£1) annually and could be done at your local post office.

1934 – Licences for lorry drivers were introduced under the Road Traffic Act.

1940 – All licences and tests were suspended temporarily because of World War II.

1951 – Zebra crossing were first introduced to British roads.

1958 – The M6 Preston was the first stretch of motorway built and declared open.

1967 – Drink driving laws came into full force and the legal limit was set at 80mg alcohol in 100ml of blood.

1995 – The Pass Plus scheme was first introduced, in order to help newly qualified drivers gain valuable driving experience and reduce the number of young driver accidents.

2011 - The Highway Code joined social media and even developed an App to share reminders about the rules of road.

2014 – The DSA and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency merged together to create the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and is now the executive agency of the Department for Transport.

The Future

What a fantastic century is has been, some incredible developments have occurred. Let’s see what the rest of the 21st century has to offer, perhaps driverless cars? Automatic braking systems? A zero-emission car? Who knows, but we are certainly excited to find out!

11 June 2015

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